Testing the Waters

EMU Student Finds Quality Options, Savings at WCC

Starting classes at WCC made the most sense for alumna Christy King as she tested the waters to find her niche before enrolling in a four-
year college.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I felt (WCC) was a great place that would offer me a lot of options to try and think about what I did want to do or what might be good for myself,” King said. “I ended up with way more options than I thought.”

The Whitmore Lake resident had previously explored writing and journalism classes before restarting her education in April 2014. King eventually nestled into the Fine and Performing Arts program.

She transferred her credits to Eastern Michigan University in the fall of 2016 to continue her education in the School of Art and Design with plans of earning a bachelor’s degree.

More than 70 percent of students entering WCC indicate they intend to transfer to a four-year intuition.

A large proponent of starting at Washtenaw Community College was saving money, King noted.

“Everyone who is kind of in the know tries to take as many classes here as possible,” King explained. “Their degree programs are exceptional, the criteria is good but it is also so much more cost effective.”

Washtenaw Community College offers tuition for a quarter of the price as some four-year colleges. During the 2017-2018 academic year a single credit hour at WCC is $95 whereas Eastern Michigan University charges nearly $400.

Along with the Fine and Performing Arts certificate, the Arts & Science division at WCC offers a wide number of certificate and associate degree programs that easily transfer to four year colleges and universities.

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