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Mohamed Said

“At WCC, everyone really cares about you succeeding.” Mohamed Said

High school student plans clear transfer path to achieve dream career

Mohamed Said felt stuck with the limited schedule and class options at his old high school. Imagine his excitement when he found new class schedules and class choices at Washtenaw Technical Middle College.

“For me, I didn’t feel like I had any choice about my high school classes,” Said expressed. “When I learned about WTMC and the Washtenaw Community College connection and heard that I could personalize my classes and my schedule, I was really interested.”

WTMC, a Michigan Public School Academy located on the WCC campus, is chartered by WCC. Instead of accumulating high school credits, WTMC students receive a skill-based education.
Concurrently enrolled at WCC, WTMC students demonstrate hard academic and soft life-management skills. They must meet all the pre-requisites, requirements and conditions of WCC students.

WTMC graduates not only earn their high school diploma, but a WCC certificate and/or associate degree worth of credits over four years, as well.

“I liked coming to WCC even more than I thought I would,” he recalled. “Every class I take is something that I want to take and that helps me focus. Thanks to WTMC and WCC, I found that I really like learning.”

That love of learning, in combination with experiencing a series of eye surgeries when he was younger, is giving solid ground to Said’s dream of being an ophthalmologist.

“I remember being into superheroes as a kid and to me, after everything I went though, I believe real-life heroes are surgeons,” he said. “I want to be able to be that hero for someone some day.”

Said is pursuing his associate degree in General Studies in Math and Natural Sciences and taking a health program preparation class. He will then transfer to Eastern Michigan University and plans to eventually attend the University of Michigan Medical School.

The general studies program at WCC allows students to design a program of study to meet their individual needs. It permits them to customize their coursework to the requirements of the four-year college or university where they plan to transfer.

Said highly encourages students to experience all the options and benefits he’s found at WTMC and WCC. “If you’re looking at colleges, I believe going to a community college first is going to help you build skills for your life. Having a smaller class size and getting one-on-one time with your instructors is something that doesn’t always happen when you are in a class of 200 students, but at WCC everyone really cares about you succeeding.”

Get a head start on college. Did you know you can take WCC classes while you’re still in high school? Dual enrollment lets you take any WCC class for which you meet the requirements, even online classes. Nine local high schools even host WCC classes in their own buildings. Think about this: If you take two WCC classes each year that you’re in high school, you’ll earn 18 credits. That’s more than a full semester’s worth of college credits, giving you a great head start on your postsecondary education.

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