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“Being at WCC built my confidence.”

“Being at WCC built my confidence.”

Winning combination leads to a fast-track career

Adam Young knew he wanted a secure and well-paying career and had set his plan to become a certified public account.

“Accounting always seemed like a very in-demand field,” said Young. “I figured the best thing for me to do would be to get a degree in something that employers want, but not everyone could do.”

He also thought to get his education he would need to take all his classes at a fouryear college, but a meeting with his academic advisor at Eastern Michigan University helped him realize there was a faster and more affordable way to reach his goal.

A profitable plan

Young admits that his path has been tough, but rewarding. In 2011 he finished his bachelor’s degree. Last year he graduated with his MBA from Wayne State University. He is currently working towards his CPA.

“Taking classes at WCC helped me get my degree faster,” Young said. “Now, I’m at an accounting firm as a staff accountant. I work during the day and study for my CPA at night. I put in the time to achieve the things I want in life.”

And it’s the time he spent at his community college that Young says continue to help him achieve his goals.

“Being at WCC built my confidence,” he said. “The class sizes are smaller, the instructors are hands-on and really work with their students to make sure they know the material. It was a great building block for me that helped me get exactly what I wanted out of my education.”

“I took classes at Washtenaw Community College while I was attending EMU,” he said. “My WCC credits transferred easily to Eastern, it was more affordable and the classes were offered at times that fit my schedule. I know a lot of students who say that all these options helped them, too.”


The Accounting program at Washtenaw Community College prepares students for jobs with duties assigned to a beginning accountant such as verifying additions, checking audits, postings, and vouchers, analyzing accounts, and preparing financial statements. Many of the classes transfer to four-year colleges, including programs at Eastern Michigan University, Madonna University and Walsh College. If the primary goal is to transfer into a Bachelor’s of Business Administration program in accounting, students should consider the Business Transfer program.

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