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“I’m so happy to have found a way to make a living doing something I love.”

“I’m so happy to have found
a way to make a living doing
something I love.”

WCC grad excels in HVACR program

While Isaac Martin was thrilled that he had been accepted into a number of four-year universities after he had graduated from high school, he had some doubts about the offers. “It didn’t make sense to go to a university when I didn’t know what I wanted to do for a career,” he said. “I wanted to stay close to home, but didn’t want to lose time in getting my education. Washtenaw Community College was the perfect choice for me. It was close and affordable.”

Knowing that he didn’t want to sit behind a desk, Martin decided to give the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program at the College a try. The decision took him to a place where he fell in love with learning.

Hands-on learning

“I really liked the hands-on aspect of the program,” Martin said. “Working with the other students on equipment at the College and troubleshooting the problems we ran into was like solving a big puzzle. Back in high school, I felt like I was just thinking about what grade I was going to get. But at WCC I felt like I was more focused on learning the class material.”

His passion for learning transitioned him into a lab technician position within the HVACR department. There, he helped other students discover the same love he has for hands-on learning.

“You get a different perspective on life being at a community college,” he said. “One of my favorite things was the age differences of everyone in my class. All of us were there because we wanted to be. It was a great environment to learn in.”

That environment has served him well. Martin graduated from the College last fall with his Associates in Applied Science and is currently enrolled in an online bachelor’s program at Ferris State University.

“WCC helped me enjoy learning,” he said. “I’m so happy to have found a way to make a living doing something I love.”


HVACR students at Washtenaw Community College learn to solve problems they will encounter on the job by diagnosing and fixing real, working equipment during class time. WCC training labs have air conditioning and heating units; functioning electrical panels that simulate systems found in homes and buildings; high-tech geothermal energy units; and a sheet metal fabrication shop. All hand tools are also provided.

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